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Level of skill

We have courses for participants with less than 2 months of experience, to more than five years of experience. Every course is suitable for advanced participants. What’s your level of skill? find out through the explanation.


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Masterclass: Olympic weightlifting

Master the Olympic lifts in an accessible setting. The masterclass provides tools for continuous progress for novice and andvanced weightlifters.

  • One day, 4 hours
  • Arnhem & Amsterdam
  • Snatch & clean and jerk
  • Accessories

Masterclass: Powerlifting

improve your squat, bench press and deadlift during this fun and engaging workshop. A must for the every fitness fanatic or (aspiring) professional.

  • one day, 5 hours
  • Arnhem
  • Squat, bench press, deadlift
  • Variations of the SBD

Course: back to basics

Back to basics offers an excellent opportunity for sustainable progress. Do you wish to start or have you just begun your journey in weightlifting? This course is the perfect place to start your adventure.

  • Six practice sessions
  • six-weeks program
  • Snatch & clean and jerk
  • Location: Arnhem
Coming soon
Level of skill 1.

Training camp: season series

welift’s absolute inspiring weekend experience. This training camp is equivalent to a fun-filled two days of learning and moving.

  • Two full days
  • Arnhem & Amsterdam
  • Snatch, clean and jerk
  • Accessories
  • Lecture and practice: core & mobility

Power camp: weightlifting meets sprinting

The power camp combines Olympic lifts with jumping and sprinting. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn about athletic development.

  • Two full days
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Explosive jumps & Plyometrics
  • Sprinting
  • Training principles and methods

Course: weightlifting coach

become a weightlifting coach and learn how to translate theory into practice. Become a welift coach and encounter your own field of expertise in weightlifting.

  • Five days
  • Online as well as offline
  • Weightlifting skill
  • Coaching skill
  • Certificate: welift coach

Fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting

Workshops for gyms and organizations:

  • Custom workshop
  • Workshop on site or at welift
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Practise oriented
  • Groups of 12 or more participants

of skill


You’re a newbie to Olympic weightlifting. You’re familiar with some sort of squatting and deadlifting. But you’re eager to learn in a safe environment.


You’re working on the Olympic lifts regularly. snatching and cleaning a couple times per month is cherished. Jump and sprinting skills are not required.


Je bent een gepassioneerd gewichtheffer. You’re able to display a consistent looking snatch and clean and jerk. You want to help people! No certifications required.


You’re an advanced lifter. Which means you’re working on your lifts on a daily basis. you’re able to snatch 1.3x (woman, 0.9x) bodyweight.


You’re an elite lifter. which means you’re lifting at the international level of olympic weightlifting. the listed services are not suitable for you.