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Custom training programs

When working on achieving your training goals, it is essential to choose exercises that get you there. Practicing the wrong exercises will cost you time and effort and will not give you the desired results. That’s why we offer varied training programs, tailored to your personal needs. These personal programs are based on your specific needs to progress. We design programs for customers with experience of one to more than five years, and that include sessions for both in the gym and at home. If you feel like your program needs adjustment or if you have any questions you can contact us using the chat feature.

Motivation when you need it

As soon as you complete the intake and we have assembled your training program, you have joined the Welift community. We understand the value of motivation. That is why you will be given access to the Welift Facebook community group. Premium members even receive 2 check-ins per week through the trainer support chat within the app.


Discover our digital training experience to learn how to lift. The app features personal programs, a comprehensive video library, and live contact with a Welift coach of your choice.

Training plans

The training programs are tailor made. After the intake completion, you are ready to start your journey.

Personal coach

The welift coaches are ready whenever you need them. Send videos through our integrated chatfunction so we can help you to improve your lifts.

On Demand

With our on demand function you get to follow classes and workout whenever you want.

Exercise library

Find dozens of exercises through the library. The exercises are executed by our own coaches. The app offers instruction videos for weightlifting, core stability and mobility.


Michiel Brankaert

‘I've noticed enormous improvement in power, technique and fun.’

Schelte van Ruiten

‘The remote coaching accelerated my development in olympic weightlifting.’

Jolien van der Meer

“Extensive feedback that really helps you to learn weightlifting.”

Online coaching

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Soon: The member app. The possibilities and personal attention within the app will be unmatched!


When you are an experienced athleten, but you don’t want personal guidance, then consider this program. This plan offers acces to dozens of videos, exercise library, workouts and articles

  • 50+ workouts
  • Community
  • Dozens instruction videos
  • Monthly terminable
  • Personal program
  • Track your progress
  • Chat support
  • Mid-term adjustments
€40,00 per month


This program is for whoever just stared or needs extra guidance. This plan offers everything in standard, but enables you to get chat support and check-ins of a welift coach of you choosing.

  • 50+ workouts
  • Chat support
  • Community
  • Dozens instruction videos
  • Mid-term adjustments
  • Minimum of 3 months
  • Personal program
  • Track your progress
€90,00 per month