We create programs that match your needs and make sure that you work on the essentials of becoming a better athlete. All of our programs are designed on your personal data and desires. That could be an increase of overall strength and barbell efficiency, but also a main focus on leg or back strength. By filling in the intake form we make sure to deliver a program that ensures a safe progress in Olympic weightlifting.

Do you need more structure in training or do you experience less progress than you had hoped? Then our fundamental program might be something for you. Do you need feedback when it comes to your technique? With remote coaching, We Lift’s coaches make sure to be of service whenever you need them.

Remote Coaching

€89,95 /month

Fundamental Program*

€59,95 /month

 *most frequently chosen by our customers

Leg Strength Training

€39,95 /month

Remote Coaching + PT

€149,95 /month