Our Story

We Lift’s ambitious coaches started their career in weightlifting as young fanatics in different types of sport. However, they soon found their passion in weightlifting. Like every top athlete, we started off as beginners who barely knew how to hold a bar properly. Without coaches who guided us in our journey, we each chose our own path towards being able to provide the guidance we find crucial for progress, and sought for a way to become the best coaches we can be. At that point we started envisioning the foundation on which We Lift had to be based, and specified the following aspects:

Didactical and social aspects

This is what makes us unique. We have learned that simply having knowledge at your disposal does not ensure an adequate transfer of knowledge. Years of conferences with other coaches all over the world and countless hours of practice with a wide range of athletes, varying from beginners to professionals, has taught us how to interact with and transfer our knowledge to our clients, in a fun and dynamic way.

Practical aspects

To familiarize ourselves with the practical aspects of weightlifting we spent hours a day at the bar ourselves. And we still do. We have gained knowledge about the Chinese and Russian methodology by completing several international courses. These have taught us the fundamentals on which we currently base We Lift’s principles.

Injury prevention

As weightlifting athletes, we had to deal with injuries ourselves. During these experiences It’s hard to make a structured progression and keep it joyful. That’s when we dove into injury prevention to make sure our athletes won’t be making the same mistakes as we did. Together with professionals such as chiropractors and doctors, we’ve come up with a platform to ensure a safe and efficient environment for athletes in Olympic Weightlifting.  

Physical training for (professional) athletes

We’ve been honored to work with professionals in different types of sport. They have taught us how weightlifting can be of additional value to increase performance in other sports. This has led to our ability to adjust our training to the specific movements of soccer, sprinting and BMX, and many other sports.

Despite the fact that our journey has been going on for many years, every day we try to perfect our skills, develop our principles and stay open-minded for new insights.